A robust pace continues with welcoming Ukrainian families to Buffalo. In fact, 14 families are expected between now and mid-January. There is much to do and we are looking for volunteers to help us prepare and welcome these families.

The families will have temporary housing when they arrive, such as hotels. During this period, our staff will be busy identifying and securing safe, affordable, and long-term housing. Volunteers will be critical to ensure that the families have access to hot meals, groceries, warm weather gear, and learn about our region. We have opportunities for each of these tasks individually, in addition to our Circles of Care program, which are groups of volunteers who surround the families with the necessary support leading to a successful acculturation for at least 6 months.

Circles of Care are ideal for faith groups, neighborhood groups, colleges and universities, or just a group of friends who want to do something meaningful with their available volunteer time. For those interested in forming or joining a Circle of Care, a short form is the starting point:

Volunteer Form

Many ask us how we learn about Ukrainian families who need our support. In the case of all these families, they were identified by Joblio, Inc. This is an international recruiting company whose founder and CEO was once a refugee, resettled by JFS. He is from Belarus and due to his positive experience with JFS, reached out to us to provide assistance. We are grateful for the referral and the opportunity to continue our work